Collage of ductile iron castings, machined components, worm gears, spur gears, sand castings, investment castings and die castings

Machined Castings

Qualitas is an India based manufacturer and supplier of castings of different kinds.

We are catering to our European customer's requirements of machined castings. The castings manufactured through sand castings, die castings and investment castings are machined by either of the following machines to produce finished components.

We are currently exporting castings machined on CNC turning centre, CNC vertical machining centre, CNC horizontal machining centre, gear hobbing and gear shaping machines, also using grinding, honing and burnishing processes, as well as on conventional machines.

  • General Machinery: CNC Turning Centers, Horizontal Milling, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Center, Pillar and Radial drilling, Tapping Machines, Horizontal and Vertical Boring Machines, and Precision Grinders-Cylindrical, Centerless, Surface Internal, Broaching machines.
  • Special Machinery: Special Purpose Machines for Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Multi-Spindle Drilling Machines, Gear Hobbing, Gear Shaving, Gear Grinding Machines.
  • Inspections Facilities: Basic Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Bore Dial Gauges, Product Specific Gauges, Co-ordinate Measuring Machines, Roughness Testers, Roundness Testers, Height Masters, Optical Comparator, Profile Projector, Trimos and Air Gauges.
  • Secondary Operation: Heat Treatment, Painting, Powder Coating, Plating.

We supply components in fully machined condition using following machines:

  • CNC Turning Machines: Up to dia 700 mm Accuracy 0.02mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra
  • Vertical Milling Machines: 1400x1000x750mm Accuracy 0.02mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra
  • Horizontal Milling Machines: 1000x800x750mm Accuracy 0.02mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra
  • Grinding and Lapping: Accuracy 0.01mm Surface Roughness 0.6 Ra
  • Gear Hobbing: Spur, Worm and Helical
  • Broaching Machines: Splines, Keyways
  • Camshaft Machining Centers
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Conventional Lathe, Milling and Drilling Machines

Material of Machined Casting components:

  • Ductile Iron Castings
  • Gray Iron Castings
  • Alloy Steel Castings
  • Stainless Steel Castings
  • Aluminium Castings
  • Brass Castings
  • Bronze Castings

In India, we are renowned for our quality. For any requirements of machined castings, please contact us.